Tabulation Charting & Reporting


Tabulation,Charting & Reports

We know that presenting data in meaningful ways is essential for you in making timely, critical business decisions. Instead of throwing complex deliverables or dense unrefined information at our clients, we’re oriented towards usefulness and simplicity. Tabulation, charting, and reporting are essential components of data analysis and presentation. These processes help transform raw data into visually appealing and understandable formats, making it easier to communicate findings and insights to clients.

Our advanced research tools allow us to provide key insights in a highly visual and easy to understand format. Our highly trained, experienced and flexible team generates tables that turn your data into actionable insights. Our interactive reports on survey data will help your team grasp the significance of your findings.

Our Trained, experienced team summarized and organise data into tables which provide a structured way to present data, making it easier to compare values and identify patterns. We create visual representations of data to aid in understanding and interpretation. Charts and graphs are effective tools for conveying information, trends, and patterns. We generate reports based on the survey that present the results of data analysis and interpretation. NSMX provide a structured format for communicating findings, insights, and recommendations to clients.


Key components of Tabulation, Charting and Reporting-

  • Data Organization
    We arrange data in rows and columns, where each row typically represents a case or observation, and each column represents a variable or attribute,Then we create frequency tables to count the number of occurrences of each category or value within a dataset.

  • Cross-Tabulation
    We analyze relationships between two or more variables by creating cross-tabulation tables which show how data is distributed across different combinations of categories.

  • Data Visulization
    For visual representation of data we create charts to aid in understanding and interpretation of data.Our team used to create different charts such as Bar Charts to compare values across different categories or groups,Line Chart to display trends or changes in data over time,Pie chart to illustrate the composition of a whole by dividing it into segments,etc

  • Analysis and Interpretation of Reports
    The survey report contains all the information collected during the survey research process which has been tabulated, analyzed, and explained