Client Services


Client Services

Client services in a market research company refer to the suite of services and support provided to clients throughout the research process. These services are designed to ensure that clients receive the information, insights, and assistance they need to achieve their research objectives effectively. As all marketing managers know, the cost of acquiring a new client is considerable and in the world of increasing competition it is becoming consistently more expensive.

The only solution is “relationship marketing” – also known as client retention marketing or client service. This functions on the principle that if you can make your clients happy and provide them with legitimate value then they will become word-of-mouth (WOM) agents for your brand. This provides the mechanisms for new sales to be made without an upfront investment by the company.

Creating Happy Clients
The process of creating happy clients is another story all together and usually requires 5 activities to be completed by the company:

  • Provide a service that the client is looking for.

  • Provide quality which is consistent with the price.

  • Deliver services within the client’s expectations.

  • Deliver the amount of human interaction that the client desires.

  • Ensure relationship is built on trust and honesty.

  • Our effective client services are essential for building strong, long-term client relationships and ensuring that market research projects meet or exceed client expectations. Our client service teams act as partners who guide clients through the research process, offering expertise and support at every stage.


key aspects of Client Services

  • Project Consultation
    Client services often begin with project consultation, where the research team collaborates with the client to understand their goals, objectives, and specific research needs.

    Consultants may advise clients on research methodologies, survey design, data collection approaches, and project timelines.

  • Customized Research Solutions
    Client services involve tailoring research solutions to meet the unique requirements of each client.This may include designing research studies, surveys, or data collection methods that align with the client's industry, target audience, and research objectives.

  • Proposal Development
    Client service teams assist clients in developing project proposals that outline the scope of work, objectives, methodologies, estimated timelines, and budgets.Proposals may also include recommendations for data analysis and reporting.

  • Project Kick-Off
    Once a project is initiated, client services help facilitate the kick-off meeting, where project teams and stakeholders align on project goals, roles, responsibilities, and communication protocols.

    Clear project expectations and deliverables are established during this phase.

  • Regular Communication
    Client services maintain open and regular communication with clients throughout the project lifecycle.This includes progress updates, status reports, and addressing any client questions or concerns promptly.

  • Data Collection and Management
    Client services teams oversee data collection activities, ensuring that data is collected accurately and within specified timelines.They may also manage data quality control processes and data storage.

  • Data Analysis and Reporting
    Assistance is provided in data analysis and the development of comprehensive reports that present research findings.Client services ensure that reports are tailored to the client's needs and are presented in a clear and actionable format.

  • Quality Assurance
    Quality control and assurance measures are implemented throughout the research process to ensure data accuracy and reliability.Any data issues or anomalies are addressed promptly.

  • Feedback and Client Input
    Client services actively seek feedback and input from clients to gauge satisfaction and make adjustments as necessary.Feedback is used to continuously improve research processes and client service delivery.

  • Project Closeout
    Client services assist with project closeout activities, which may include final reporting, data archiving, and delivering project deliverables to the client.Lessons learned and recommendations for future projects are often discussed during this phase.

  • Follow-Up and Support
    Client services continue to provide post-project support, addressing any questions or needs that may arise after project completion.They may also offer assistance with the implementation of research insights and recommendations.

  • Data Privacy and Compliance
    Ensuring that research activities comply with data privacy regulations and ethical standards is a critical aspect of client services.Client data is handled securely and confidentially.